Priced for Your Success

OnlyBoth Customer Benchmarking Engine is a cloud-based SaaS solution that is licensed on an annual subscription basis.

All subscriptions include:

Unlimited Number of Internal Users and Usage

Data Updates

Technical Support

Customer Success Management Service

With action-provoking comparative insights from OnlyBoth, your customers will make improvements that result in better outcomes while using your solutions. Customer health will improve, and you’ll gain higher customer satisfaction, retention and expansion revenue.

When we get in touch, we promise to give you pricing that aligns with the value to your company.

Pricing is based on these factors:

  • The Data Plan you choose: Basic, Standard, Advanced, Premium or custom
  • The number of data updates per year
  • The number of customers to analyze in your data
  • The average Annual Contract Value (ACV) of these customers
  • Any customization or optional capabilities such as the integration of your success playbook

Free trials and special introductory pricing are available for a limited time.


You have 600 customers with an average ACV of $9,000 and select the Standard Data Plan with quarterly updates. All end-users and admin users are employees of your company. The annual price to you would be $25,000 ($2,083 per month), with an initial fee for setup and on-boarding of $2,800. You’ll start getting a payback on your investment after reducing churn by only 3 more customers.